Purple Haze Presents Isaac Delusion In Concert  
BangalorePurple Haze (Vijaynagar-Mysore)
Thursday, April 18 th, 7:00 pm till 11:00 pm

Purple Haze Presents
Isaac Delusion
In Concert  

Entry at Rs.150 & Cover at Rs.150, for more info call:


Isaac Delusion

Isaac Delusion make sleepwalking tunes. Made of dreamy ballads, always these vague landscapes, indefinable vastness and also time that is running through our fingers. It’s a happy marriage of genres, it’s all about something spontaneous. Endless musical horizons, selecting samples and melodies on the sole criterion of emotion, and everything starts from there, then it just makes bubbles.

The band is apart, it wanders while maintaining its identity – you can feel the “label with the elephant” philosophy floating around. A year ago, the duo barely existed : it’s an ongoing musical evolution, and our three mysterious birds are still exploring.

Midnight Sun drew its imagination from travels to Iceland and elsewhere, from experiments. All this has been amplifying lately, a few gigs in New York for CMJ Festival, Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, the Pitchfork Festival, Radio Nova, vinyl, encounters.

Dreams actually stick to their skin. Just like it disappears when trying to catch one of them, their music is elusive. The first release was about sun at midnight, the second is about dawn. They are already working on a full length, because light can’t stop them dreaming awake.

Listen to their tracks here:


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