Galaxy Bookings presents Plurr featuring Phanatic (Bounce Recordings) 
Saturday, May 06 th, 8:00 pm till 1:00 am
Also with Raavas, Gurudev and Triptone.

For more details contact 080 2361 4109.


Phanatic is Kfir Lankry from the sunny Southern part of israel.
With a discography covering well over a decade, and after performing at festivals all over the world, Phanatic has become a mainstay in the worldwide Psychedelic Trance scene. He has been carefully watching the scene, and has re-crafted his unique sound for a new era - combining influences from Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance with a new driving, aggressive, and techie twist. The result is something unlike anything else in the scene right now. With impeccably punchy and clear production, fresh stories and ideas, and a unique driving dance-floor vibe, Phanatic is poised to overtake dance floors around the globe. Look forward to a slew of new releases coming down the pipeline from Phanatic in the very near future.
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