Events Mumbai

Thursday, April 27th

All The Razz with Zapdos and Hook
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 8:00pm
Hip Hop with DJs Ishani and Bobkat
  Junkyard Cafe, 8:30pm
Reggae Remedy with Reggae Rajahs and Riddim Funktion
  antiSOCIAL, 9:30pm
Summer Retro Night with Driggy
  Summer House Cafe, 9:30pm
C U Next Thursday with DJ Garth Adam and Mystical Sounds
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm
Sirkus presents Cult.Ure with DJ Gavin
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm

Friday, April 28th

KCT Entertainment presents UB40 (UK)
  Phoenix Marketcity (Kurla), 6:00pm
AFE presents Blot (Extended Set)
  antiSOCIAL, 9:00pm
Bollywood Mansion with Joel Ferreira
  Club Anarchy, 9:00pm
DimensionRED featuring Romeo Blanco
  Opa Bar and Cafe, 9:00pm
Playboy Club presents The Launch Of Rebel Alliance featuring Audiofly (Barcelona)
  Playboy Club, 9:00pm
The Burban Disco featuring Audio Units
  Bottoms Up Andheri, 9:00pm
Weekends At Raasta with M.E.L, Mr. Sagar and Prateek
  Raasta, 9:00pm
The Get Down with Tansane
  Summer House Cafe, 9:30pm
The Grind with DJ Ishani
  Todi Mills Social, 9:30pm
Kitty Su presents DJ Garth Adam and Mystical Sounds
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm
Krunk presents Tarqeeb and Paper Queen
  Bonobo, 10:00pm
Redbull Night-Out featuring Stephan Barnem (Italy)
  Ark, 10:00pm
Sirkus Boom Fridays with DJ Gavin
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm
The Daily Shindig with Orbs & Zen
  The Daily, 10:00pm
Uncaged - House Music Edition with DJs Swap and Dash
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 11:00pm

Saturday, April 29th

Saturday Sundowner with DJs Wa-tec, Calm Chor and Others
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 4:00pm
Bollywood Night with DJ G2
  Ark, 9:00pm
Grime Riot Disco with Moniker B2B Eng and Luna Toke
  antiSOCIAL, 9:00pm
Kitty Su presents Rodriguez Jr and Dusty Kid (Italy)
  Kitty Su, 9:00pm
Saturday Night Live with Suryaveer
  Junkyard Cafe, 9:00pm
Saturday Soiree with DJ Sagar Gamre
  Club Anarchy, 9:00pm
What's Brewing In Bandra with Echofloat, Bigfat and Carius
  Bonobo, 9:00pm
Sikrus Censored Saturday with DJ Amann
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm

Sunday, April 30th

Humans Of Music Anniversary Month with Spryk, Schlick and Young Monk
  Raasta, 5:00pm