Events Kolkata

Thursday, May 25th

Acoustic Thursdays with Abishek Roy Choudhury
  Shisha - Bar Stock Exchange, 8:00pm
Ladies Night out with DJ Felix
  Club Boudoir, 8:00pm
Urban Unplugged with Kaustav & Sunny
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Blush Thursdays with DJs Rishi and Ashish
  Roxy, 9:00pm

Friday, May 26th

Fleeky Fridays with DJs Girish, Manish and Jazzleen
  M Bar Kitchen, 8:00pm
Friday with DJ Yafi
  Whats in d name, 8:00pm
Girls Night Out with DJs Hussain and Hardik
  Tantra, 8:00pm
Jagmeister Friday with DJs Sami, Nikhil, Mayank and Ryan
  The Myx, 8:00pm
One High Night featuring The Unknown
  Club Boudoir, 8:00pm
The Friday Night Bounce with DJs Leon Mylan, Tabby and Kunal
  Beer Republic, 8:00pm
Friday with Rigmob
  Someplace Else, 8:30pm
Overdose - Beyond The Darkness with Spec (Shiva Valley Records), 7th Sense and Sohial
  UG Reincarnated, 9:00pm
The Last Friday featuring Sanjay Dutta
  BLACK - The Lounge Bar, 9:00pm

Saturday, May 27th

Tantra presents 1900's Club - Gangster Squad
  Tantra, 7:00pm
Saturday Night Fever with DJ Iimrran and VJ Philip
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Saturday Night with DJs Ashish and Rishi
  Roxy, 8:00pm
Saturday Shenanigans with DJ Yafi and and VJ Rishank
  Whats in d name, 8:00pm
Saturday Supreme with DJs Tabby, Leon Mylan and Kunal
  Beer Republic, 8:00pm
Saturday with DJ Nikhil
  The Myx, 8:00pm
Super Saturdays with DJs Jazzleen, Girish and Manish
  M Bar Kitchen, 8:00pm
Saturday with Saturday Night Blues and Rigmob
  Someplace Else, 8:30pm

Sunday, May 28th

Afraa Summer Beach Festival with DJs Kave, Markuz and Others
  Afraa, 2:00pm
The Jam with The Accidental Note & Team Beer Republic
  Beer Republic, 4:00pm
The Sunday Sundown featuring Barem (Minus / Fun Records)
  Wilson's The Pub, 4:00pm
Glam Rock Sundays with Plan B
  Someplace Else, 5:00pm
GD Birla presents The Yuva Tour featuring Penn Masala
  GD Birla Sabhaghar, 8:00pm
Radicles presents Lohit Night with DJs Kash Trivedi, V:Society and Others
  BLACK - The Lounge Bar, 8:00pm
Sufi Nights with Rudra The Band
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Sunday Nights with DJ Yafi
  Whats in d name, 8:00pm
Sundays with DJs Ashish and Rishi
  Roxy, 8:00pm