Events Goa

Thursday, December 14th

Diva Night Vol 2 with Macattack, Ryan Nogar and Others
  Las Olas, Baga Beach, 6:00pm
Let's Go(A) Deep with Akshay Mathker, Monkey Space and Praveen
  PAUSE GOA, 8:00pm
Reggae Thursdays with Double R
  Cohiba, 8:00pm
Social Thursdays with Rinton, Nrush and Others
  Showbar, 8:00pm
Ultra Violet - Night Beach Dance with Tv Tony Voxx, Ultraspace and Others
  UV Bar, 8:00pm
Karaoke Night with KDJ Pierre and Richard
  Cafe Mojo Pub & Bistro, 9:00pm
Secret with Alexander Smith (Ru), Elkin (Ru) and Others
  Waters Beach Lounge & Grills, 9:00pm

Friday, December 15th

Smirnoff Experience presents Satellite Beachside Pre-Party featuring Yotto
  Waters Beach Lounge & Grills, 8:00am
Friday Magic featuring Pablo Dobrov, Vadim Ritm and Others
  Re:FRESH Club, 5:00pm
Blind Friday with DJs Ajit Pai, Pritesh and Others
  Club Tito's, 6:00pm
Bollywood Sundowner with DJs Mack Veira, Salvino and Others
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm
Dobro Breathing Goa with Dinastia (Ru), Chill (Birthday Set) and Others
  Marbela Beach Resort, 6:00pm
Defected Project featuring Fawazo (Bahrain)
  Cafe Lilliput, 7:00pm
Stock Exchange - Bar Nights featuring DJ Kan-I
  Showbar, 7:00pm
Leopard Valley presents DJs Baba Robijn, Eve Carey and Clifford Victoria
  Leopard Valley, 8:00pm
Smirnoff Experience presents DJ Whosane
  Watson's Grub Pub, 9:00pm
Spotlight Fridays with Seby and Sandra
  Cafe Mojo Pub & Bistro, 9:00pm
The Social Butterfly with DJs Shania Tashya, Akash and Infected Brains
  Cape Town Cafe, 9:00pm
Bollywood Fridays with Mr. E and Ak47
  SinQ Beach Club, 10:00pm

Saturday, December 16th

Under The Sun with Cosmonaut, Monkey Space and Others
  Marbela Beach Resort, 12:00pm
Chic Saturday - Models Night with Salvino B2B Sid and Others
  Club Tito's, 6:00pm
Music + Box Project with Alexnader Smith, Alexander Belousov and Others
  Shree Mahalaxmi Restaurant & Cafe, 6:00pm
Saturday Nights with Ak47, Akash and Infected Brains
  Cape Town Cafe, 7:00pm
Saturday Showtime with DJs Ajit Pai, Pritesh and Others
  Cafe Mambo, 7:00pm
Techno Conversations with Mista Selecta (France), Luba Lars (Ru) and Jewlung (Ru)
  The Goa State Of Mind, 9:00pm

Sunday, December 17th

Sundowner Party with Alexander Belousov, Tamu an Others
  Watermark The Ocean Bar, 12:00pm
Hilltop Sunday with Goatika (DJ Set), Nitin and Others
  Hill Top (Vagator), 1:00pm
The White Party featuring Wa-Tec
  Marbela Beach Resort, 4:00pm
Masquerade Carnival Night with DJs Jay, Brandon & Arun
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm
Techno Circuit with DJs Ajit Pai, Lasker and Others
  Cape Town Cafe, 7:00pm