Arjun Nair is a professional EDM (Electronic Dance Music)  Disk Jockey from Bangalore, India.
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ARJUN NAIR is also one half of the infamous DJ Duo - "ANSWER"
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From what started as an experimental tryst with sound, Arjun Nair’s music has taken him a long route. Arjun emerged as one of the youngest DJs on the Chennai party circuit and pioneered early stage EDM and commercial house in Chennai’s infant party circuit from way back in 2007. Arjun’s keen ear for detail has truly made all the impact on his own music.

Electronica evangelist, entertainer and sound producer, there’s only one word to describe a gig that Arjun’s playing at: LIVEWIRE. Arjun’s ability to grasp the nuances of music while he was busy club-hopping during his formative years helped him- he saw people and understood what every party goer was dying for. When asked, Arjun simply swears by the energy his music gives listeners. When he starts the set, there is an energy on the dance floor that rises beat by beat. And that’s when the crowds really go mad and his mixing abilities are probably part to blame for that.

Although Arjun also indulges in Commercial House for his signature Ladies nights, Big-room House, Progressive and Techno remains his forte and one love. He says, “Electronic music is just so amazing in that I’m able to translate my passion and energy through a sound that my mind can directly relate to; there are no boundaries, no languages and no barriers. Just pure EDM”. Arjun Nair has successfully played to packed clubs in cities across his tour of the country, and played for a private label he helped set up back in 2007, The Ultimate Party Factory regularly. He was also responsible for bringing in more appreciation for international music genres like Electronica. He receives a lot of support and encouragement from his fans and other electronic music lovers. He now owns a New Label named "Groove OK Please" which is a Branding, Nightlife and Artist management Agency.
He is also the official DJ on an Online Radio called The Movement for which he releases a set every week popularly know as "BURN Sessions". Its mainly a House & progressive set, which airs at Prime time (9 pm) on a Saturday night. He also hosts a lot of international artists on his show. He has even played along side International acts live at well knows clubs in India.
Arjun continues to play his EDM exclusives at clubs across India every month and now plays full time and resides in Bangalore.

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