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Lucky Malhotra
Sex: Male
Birthday: 16 January
Links: Human Link as of now, No links anywhere apart from that
City: Bangalore
Interests: Photography,Music,,Biking
Favorite Music: Deep Funky House, Electro,Progressive, Hiphop

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Thanx 4 adding Bro...
Lucky ..great coverage of Norman's Party bro're a genius !! :)
am fine!!! so are u coming to cochin again.
Aha.. now I feel good... :) The 2 nd tracks
are ElectroFunk:Chris Lake - Mission and in
Progressic Female Vocals one: Phunk Investi
gation – Your Love (Long train Running Mix
) I will include them in your DVD :) we
ll yeah the Vol is a bit low... had recorded
it Live with a low volume... next set will
make sure doesn't happen... :) Thanks for
the feedback... really appreciate it :)
Thanks Bro!!! Glad you liked it... :) Now I
feel confident... :)