Princess No. 3, Ramanamaharishi Road, Bellary Road, Near Palace Grounds, Sadashivnagar
Pebble is the Bangalore party animal's open secret.

One of the biggest venues in Bangalore, it offers a great escape from the hip-hop that seems to follow you no matter where you go!

It has a Goa-like feel with it's nice outdoor section which is often the venue for theme or promotional nights.
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party in juNgle is like party at Pebble!! just a wild krazie psycho party!! wen sound gets high,,u can find me here!!!!!!
Unprofessional and very rude behavior .i will never go there and never recommend to anyone .They spoiled our weekend party .
As the quote itself describes, it is a real "Rumble in the Junlge" wild wild and best.. A place which has got a class which people blend with.. Cheers..
the place gives u the feeling ur parting in the jungle it gives u a wild feeling.where else can u find wild party animals other than the jungle so pebbles is one best place to party n meet other wild party animals :)
I Like Pebble, because it strikes into my girlfriend heart
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